60 inch wide headliner material

Headliner material 60 inch wide


Price: $12.75

Regular shipping is in a smaller box, could be some wrinkling of material (can be easily removed with steam iron on foam side). Shipping lengthwise is in material length box - adds $15.00 to $25.00.

Our quantity discounts:

Quantity  3+   5+   7+   10+ 
Price  $12.40   $12.25   $12.00   $11.75 

One running yard = 36" long X 60" wide - one in the cart = 1 running yard

If you order 2,3,4,5,etc yards - it will be one continous piece of headliner. 

Headliner material by the cut yard (a cut yard of headliner material is 36 long inches X 60 inches wide) The base price per yard of headliner material is $12.75. The more yardage ordered, the price per yard goes down. Our headliner material is made from knitted nylon cloth laminated to 3/16 inch foam. We have 37 different colors in the 60 inch wide headliner material.